Dan Benjamin

Dan Benjamin
Dan Benjamin in Austin, Texas.

Dan Benjamin is an inventor, podcaster, software developer, and writer. In early 2009, Dan became a full-time podcaster with the launch of 5by5.tv, often called "NPR for Geeks" by its listeners. 5by5 quickly rose to become one of the top tech-focused pocast networks, drawing talent from all corners of the tech, gaming, productivity, and entertainment industries.

Dan’s podcasts have gone on to receive many millions of downloads, and have received several “Best of” awards from Apple Podcasts and other publications. In 2011, Dan was named “The King of Apple Talk Radio” by Fortune Magazine.

In 2016, in anticipation of the impending podcast boom and based on his many years of running a self-built podcast platform, Dan launched Fireside.fm, the podcast hosting, anylitics, and distribution platform. Fireside has since grown to become one of the most widely used and trusted podcast platforms of its kind in the industry today.

Prior to his career in podcasting, Dan began coding and writing as a kid, eventually working as a corporate stooge in software development and IT, and becoming both a CEO and CTO at several startups. As a writer, his articles have been published in O’Reilly, A List Apart, and numerous other publications. His educational screencasts are available on PluralSight and YouTube, where he teaches people about podcasting, technology, and development.

Dan co-founded a pre-Facebook social network for wine afficianados called Cork’d, which was acquired by Gary Vaynerchuk. As a new dad, he founded a website for parents called Playgrounder, which was aquired by Uncrate.com. He also created the Bacon Method website, which teaches people to make perfect bacon every time.

Dan is based in Austin, Texas.


Voice Work

Hire Dan for voice work, narration, commercials, voice over for your videos, and more.

He’s available through Voices.com and for smaller projects, and is available on Fiverr.

Dan Benjamin on YouTube

Dan makes videos teaching people how to podcast, including tutorials, gear reviews and recommendations, tips, tricks, advice, and more.


Fireside is a podcast hosting and analytics platform Dan founded to make podcast hosting easy, reliable, and fun.


Started in 2009, 5by5 was one of the first podcast networks around, making shows for geeks, gamers, and people like you. Dan hosts a number of shows there, all thanks to the generosity of 5by5’s sponsors and the listeners who support the network.

Podcast Method (Website and Podcast)

Dan loves podcasting, and enjoys teaching and sharing what he knows about it. Podcast method is both a website and a podcast. The website lists recommended gear and equipment, with advice about how to use it. The podcast talks in detail about these topics, where Dan does his best to answer listener questions.

Bacon Method

You love bacon but hate the mess, right? Fortunately, Dan has discovered a way to make perfect, crispy bacon every time with the minimum amount of preparation and cleanup. This site teaches you how.

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